Visiting the Shanghai Stock Exchange to discuss Capital Market Issues between China and the UK

Dr Flora Huang, Senior Lecturer in Law at the University of Essex, visited the Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) in China between 21-25 October 2019.

This research visit, which is funded by the British Academy Mid-Career Fellowship, aims to promote research on the development of Chinese capital markets and simultaneously engage with the regulatory authorities to facilitate knowledge exchange.

The SSE, established in November 1990 in China, is the fourth largest Exchange in the world by market capitalisation at USD 4.77 trillion as of October 2019, following the New York Stock Exchange, Nasdaq and Tokyo Stock Exchange.

The Shanghai-London Stock Connect, namely an exchange tie-up, which was launched in June 2019, has drawn wide attention for giving mutual market access to the two stock exchanges for the first time.

During her visit, Dr Huang met the staff and experts from SSE’s Investor Service Department, Listed Company Supervision Department, Global Business Development Department and Capital Market Institute.

Visiting the SSE’s Investor Service Department 

They discussed issues regarding the stock connect, the Chinese and UK capital markets, supervision of listed companies, regulatory cooperation and cross-border enforcement.

This visit has laid down a strong foundation for further research collaboration and engagement between academia and market regulators in the two countries.

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