The Essence of Slavery: Exploitation in Human Rights Law

Dr Marija Jovanovic, Lecturer in Law, University of Essex, has published a new article on ‘The Essence of Slavery: Exploitation in Human Rights Law’

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The article is one of the few attempts to explore the meaning of exploitation in international law and the first to try articulating its legal parameters in the context of the human rights prohibition of ‘modern slavery’. This is a pressing task because of the proliferation of legislation, policy instruments, and academic work on ‘modern slavery’ and human trafficking, which rely heavily on the concept but do not define it.

By articulating the necessary and sufficient conditions for the notion of exploitation, the present study contributes to a better understanding, interpretation, and application of the prohibition of slavery, servitude, forced or compulsory labour, and human trafficking. 

The article was published in the Human Rights Law Review. For access, contact the author directly at:

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