Grant Success: Digitalising International Trade Finance Process

Photo by Austin Distel

Dr. Onyeka Osuji (Reader in Law, University of Essex) and Dr. Mohammed Khair Alshaleel (Lecturer in Law, University of Essex) were successful in securing funding from Qatar National Research Foundation for an International Conference on Digitalising International Trade Finance Process: Interrelationships, Constraints, Opportunities and Perspectives.

The conference is a collaborative event of the School of Law at the University of Essex School of Law and the College of Law Hamad Bin Khalifa University Qatar (HBKU). Dr. Alexander Ezenagu and Dr. Georgios Dimitropoulos (both attached to HBKU) are also principal investigators in the research team.

One of the objectives of this international conference is to investigate relevant difficulties, including national, regional and international perspectives and whether they are limited to specific sectors (or widespread) and the role of digitalisation of trade finance in their resolution.

The second objective is to explore the linkages between digitalisation and trade finance and provide insights for improving the legal and institutional framework. 

The two-day international conference will be held at Hamad Bin Khalifa University Qatar in October 2021

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