Capabilities, Capacity and Consent: Sexual Intimacy in the Court of Protection

Photo by Sinitta Leunen

Dr. Jaime Lindsey, Lecturer in Law at the University of Essex has a new article published in the Journal of Law and Society. The article is entitled ‘Capabilities, capacity, and consent: sexual intimacy in the Court of Protection’ and is co-authored with Professor Rosie Harding of the Birmingham Law School.

The article uses original data from research at the Court of Protection to explore capacity to consent to sex in practice. It argues that the approach under the Mental Capacity Act 2005 fails to place appropriate focus on consent as central to understanding sexual capacity.

The capabilities approach to justice is then used to demonstrate the limitations of the existing legal approach to capacity to consent to sex, and to argue that the protective focus of the legal test would be better centred on the social risks resulting from non‐consensual sex and exploitation.

Finally, the article argues that, rather than focusing on a medicalized approach to understanding sexual intimacy, an analysis based on capabilities theory provides conceptual tools to support arguments for additional resources to help disabled people to realize their rights to sexual intimacy.

The article is published Open Access and is available here.

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