Posthuman Feminism and the Rights of Nature

Photo by Simon Abrams

In collaboration with the Ecological Law and Governance Association, the Global Network for Human Rights and the Environment (GNHRE) is delighted to announce its next webinar on the theme: Feminist and Queer Approaches to Environmental Law and Rights.

The webinar is taking place on 20 Apr. 2021 at 5pm CET (4pm UK, 6pm Kenya, 11am US Eastern Time)

Dr. Emily Jones, Lecturer in Law at the University of Essex, joins a great panel of speakers with her paper titled: “Posthuman Feminism and the Rights of Nature”.

International environmental law is anthropocentric, categorising the environment and non-human animals as objects to be exploited for human needs. This anthropocentrism has contributed to the law’s inability to address environmental deterioration.

In her paper, Dr. Jones will draw on posthuman feminist theory and resonances between these theories and the emerging legal recognition of the rights of nature to challenge and re-think the anthropocentrism at the heart of international environmental law. 

The following presenters join Dr. Jones on the panel of speakers for Tuesday’s event:

Atieno Mboya Samandari (Emory): “Ecofeminist Approaches to Climate Change”

Ellen Spannagel (McGill): “The Experiences and Resistance of Gender, Sexual, and Romantic Minorities to the Climate Crisis”

Nicholas Stump (West Virginia): “Radical Intersections: Critical Environmental Human Rights and an Ecofeminist Ecosocialism in the U.S. Appalachian Region”

Chair: Dina Lupin (Vienna)

To attend the webinar, register using the link on the GNHRE’s website here.

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