Success at the SLS ‘Make the News’ Competition

On 30 June 2021, the Society of Legal Scholars (SLS) announced that Dr. Eden Sarid, Lecturer in Law at the University of Essex, was one of the winners in its Make the News competition for his project Freeing Our Cultural Treasures from a Copyright Limbo.

The SLS’ competition presents early career researchers with a unique experience to learn more about getting your research noticed by a wider audience. A meeting will now be scheduled for all four of the winners to make their pitches to the judging panel of Catherine Baksi (The Times and The Guardian), Joshua Rozenberg QC (BBC, Law Society Gazette) and Thom Brooks, the SLS President.

In a statement to our Research Blog, Dr. Sarid explained that his project:

‘aims to propose a novel solution to a major copyright challenge, of orphan works. Orphan works are items – such as photos, music, or books – which are subject to copyright, but whose copyright owners cannot be located and therefore permission to use the works cannot be granted. Currently in the UK, a limited licensing scheme results in millions of orphan works remaining unavailable to the public. Based on a theoretical examination of copyright justifications, the project advances a framework that will allow public access to these works.’

Look out for Dr. Sarid making the news in coming weeks and months!

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