Celebrating the Very Best of Essex Research: Research and Impact Awards 2022

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The very best of Essex research was recognised at our Excellence in Research and Impact Awards 2022 ceremony at Colchester Campus on Wednesday 25 May 2022. The annual awards highlighted how the work conducted at Essex is having a positive impact on people’s lives across the globe. 

This year, a total of 21 awards were presented to research champions, impactful projects, and technical teams over the course of a three-hour event. The School of Law attracted four awards in four different categories:

The award for Outstanding Interdisciplinary Research went to Lorna McGregor (School of Law), Ahmed Shaheed (School of Law), Peter Fussey (Department of Sociology), and Human Rights Big Data and Technology colleagues for the world-leading Human Rights, Big Data, and Technology Project.

Alexandros Antoniou received the Research Visibility Champion award for the Faculty of Arts and Humanities.

Julie Hannah won the award for Best Research Impact by an Early Career Researcher for the Faculty of Arts and Humanities. The award was for her project titled Closing Protection Gaps in International Drug Control: The International Guidelines on Human Rights and Drug Policy.

The award for Best UK Public Policy Research Impact went to Wayne Martin (School of Philosophy and Art History), Sabine Michalowski (School of Law), Aaron Wyllie (School of Health and Social Care), Emily Fitton (School of Philosophy and Art History), Margot Kuylen, Vivek Bhatt and Thomas Hartvigsson for their AHRC project Ensuring Respect for Human Rights in Locked-Down Care Homes.

Tara Van Ho was a runner-up for Best International Research Impact for her work that helped Twitter devise new content policies for tackling online misinformation about the ongoing Ukraine-Russia conflict and other humanitarian crises.

“These awards are another fantastic indicator of how Law School research is having an enormously important impact at so many levels of society beyond the academic world. This was recognised by the recent Research Excellence Framework which rated over 70% of the Law School impact work from 2014-2021 as being world-leading. With these awards, we see that there has been no let up. The Law School continues to strive to be world-class at using its research to make a real difference to law, policy and people.”

Prof. Chris Willett, Director of Impact, School of Law

You can see this year’s winners and runners-up for each of the ten award categories here.

The awards are open to all academics, researchers, and doctoral students each year and signal the University’s commitment to world-class research that makes a difference.

Congratulations to everyone involved!

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