Our 2022 Essex Law Research Blog Prizes

The results for the Essex Law Research (ELR) Blog Prizes are in and the Law School’s Research Visibility Team is delighted to announce the winners for 2021-22.

This academic year, the ELR Blog published several pieces highlighting colleagues’ outstanding research and celebrating their funding successes. Thank you to all our contributors for your fascinating and insightful pieces. And, special thanks to our readers who follow along with the blog, seeing what ideas we have up our sleeves week after week.

The prize winners are those whose blog pieces attracted the highest number of views in the 12 months leading up to the Law School’s Research Away Week in July 2022.

Our contributors distinguished themselves in the following three categories.

Most viewed original blog post (sponsored by Hart Publishing)

Police and Crime Commissioners: A Dislocated Expectation? by Dr. Simon Cooper

Most viewed blog post written by a doctoral candidate

Prescripted Living: Gender Stereotypes and Data-Based Surveillance in the UK Welfare State by Laura Carter

Congratulations to all!

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